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Baby Theodora

Here is my second Shoot with one of the CUTEST babies in the world! I truly love hanging out with Jeanelle and Ryam today and I get my baby fix with Theodora. I really had a lot of fun. SOOOOO much I didn't know about babies, and I have to thanks Jeanelle for the sits bath stuff thats gonna feel so good. Anyway here are some photos from today.

Me and Theadora.

I'm feeling Awarenessy...

I have stumbled across a new site that is trying to get awareness out about IBD issues. IBD or Irritable Bowel Disease is basically the blanket for Chrons and Ulcerative Colitis (Which is what I have). Anyway the site is.... http://www.thegreatbowelmovement.org/index.html. They have all kinds of info on the disease itself, stories from people who have suffered the disease, and info on getting awareness out there. They also have t-shirts. I know it sounds a little lame but it is a good thing. The proceeds from the t-shirts go towards the foundation and help again spread awareness.

Now I am wanting to get the t-shirt... especially the one that says "Ask me abut my J-Pouch", since i just had the surgery and all 3 weeks ago. However, they also have shirts that say "My __ has Colitis" You can write whatever in the blank. The reason why I am so adamant about these shirts is because I do want to spread awareness about this. Also I would love to be able to spot someone else with these shirts and talk to them. Honestly if I had seen someone ou there wearing these shirts I would go right up and talk to them. It is really scary and a little embarrassing to try and figure it all out. I can't tell you how many times I had to explain what the hell I had but when I first found out what it was I was really confused. I went out and found the info myself on line but I really wanted to talk to a person who had gone through it. The closest I had was Frieda Jason's Dad's girlfriend who had colon cancer (which does arise if UC goes untreated). She had gone through the same surgery where they took my large intestine. She had to wear the ostomy bag. SO she knew the hell I was going through and it made me feel less alone. Unfortunately she died from her colon cancer a few months back. I do still feel a bit depressed about it but I am truly happy that I got to know her.

This whole thing has been a life changing moment for me. I really want to do more to get the info out there. I hope to do the walk next year (once I am healed). I want to be more active in the groups and organizations. I feel that it is my duty to try and explain to the world that "Yes I had some bad guts but it took guts to get through this." Fortunately UC can be cured by surgery (which is what I had), but Chrons cannot. Chrons is a hit or miss and sometimes there is just nothing they can do. But trying to get the word out and trying to help those who have it, or just have been diagnosed, or have had it for years is something I feel as a survivor I must get out there.

So again here is the web site where you can get info, donate, and buy a t-shirt. http://www.thegreatbowelmovement.org/index.html

Here are some pictures of those shirts....

SO yeah...check it out.
This might not make much sense. I am high on Morphine and I have no concept of reality now. Anyway I am in room number 3259 I think. I'm really bored and ready to see people. I am also extremely tired so I am Falling asleep really fast. I am interesting to talk to now ;0) anyway Just posting for a sec yo give y'all a heard up. O know there re some really bad spelling errors. So yeah.Ok I'm off.

Last and Final Surgery

Tomorrow I go in for my final surgery. I am horribly nervous and anxious. I am also excited to not have a bag attached to my side. I also have been on a liquid diet all day and I am really hungry. I am also a bit delirious so I am making it short here.

As usual I am going to make a post once I am in a room with the number so that if you want to visit you can. I go In at 10am and then the surgery is at noon. Its a 2 hour surgery and I have no idea how long I will be asleep. They said I will be in the hospital about 4 to 5 days.

Anyway thats all the info I got. I'll talk to y'all later.

2nd Surgery

I have not posted in a while as I can see from my last post. However, this one will be similar to the last. I am going back in the hospital tomorrow. I will be having my second of 3 surgeries. This one I am told will be much more in-depth and the recovery time will be longer. I'm very nervous but not as much as the last time. I will post what room I will be in once I am there. I will be at DeKalb Medical and I will be there once again for a week. That means I will be having CHristmas there. I am totally open to visitors and it helps me get myself motivated. Anyway I thought I would let y'all know.


In case you have not heard on FB and Twitter I have had a pretty shitty week this past week. Last Friday I found out I need surgery. They are taking out part of my large intestine and later replacing it with something called a J pouch. This is because of my colitis. All of the meds and the last hospitalization has not helped so this is the last resort. Iv been trying to have a positive attitude about it but I'm still scared as hell. I'll be having the surgery Tuesday at 1pm. I'll be in the hospital at least a week. And it's Dekalb Medical if you want to visit. I'll post later what room.

Anyway because if this news and generally not feeling well we did not go to DCon. Then on Monday Jason's grandfather went into the hospital with symptoms of a stroke. Later found out TUESDAY NIGHT that it was just a sever UTI. then Wednesday I walked in our living room to find the floor wet and found we had a leak in our walls. Some of our really expensive books (that wouldn't fit on shelves) were also on the floor and got really bad water damage. Good news we fixed the leak but it took several days to dry.

Then on Thursday I went ti the hospital for pre-op work and my car died at the hospital. I had to get a security guy to give me a jump so I could go to work. I made it to work and my car died. My dad has spent friday to today working on it trying to get it out of my works parking lot. After changing the battery, battery terminals, the starter motor, and the O rings it was still running fast, but running. So he wanted to get it to his house so he could work on it more but... It caught fire. Yep my car caught fire in the middle of the road of Lake Lucern and Five Forks Trickum road. Oddly enough though the books i had in my trunk were totally fine along with my favorite pair of glasses (which were in the front of the car). To make matters worse we did not have coverage for the fire so we get nothing at all for my car. Not a good end to the week.

So yeah. After all this I am really hopping that my surgery will go wonderfully and the recovery fast. Also I really would love for the drama to stop. I really need rest. I'm still happy to have Jason to help me through this and I am thankful to have friends and family to help me too. Like I said I'll post later what room I'm in at the hospital and I don't mind company. So here is to a better week and well rest of the year.

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So iv been sick with stomach issues for a while now. I thought it was a gluten thing but now I just don't know. Went to the doc on mon thinking I was just getting a blood test but then he sent me to the gastro specialist. That dr. gave me an endoscopy that day and then called for a colonoscopy on Friday. Which is later today. I can honestly say I for one am scared and really tired of going to the bathroom. Oh and IM REALLY FUCKIN HUNGRY! I was on a liquid diet all day and now have to wait till 11am to get the procedure.
I know they need to test to see what's there but I'm more afraid of the results. So here I am almost 3am still awake because I'm anxious as hell. I'm sure its going to be something minor but there is a thought in there of what if. Also the idea of someone shoving a camera in me as I sleep really gets to me. Argh and the thought of " should I have gone sooner?" too many questions and have to wait for answers. I hate waiting and not knowing.
Anyway I thought I would share a little bit about what's going on. Now time ti try and sleep.

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Hey y'all I don't have cancer! That is the best news I have heard all week. Yay!

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I need a biopsy

I got a call today from the Gyno. He said I have a lesion on my cervix. It's not anything to worry about apparently but they need to do a biopsy. It sounds a lot worse than it is . Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. They want to be sure it's not cancer that's why they are doing it. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude and trying very hard not to worry till I know for sure, but I can't help but saying there is at least a little part of me that is freaking out. But like I said I'm getting it checked out (hopefully Friday) so we know for sure what's going on and we will go from there.

Sucks that I'm going to have to miss a few more hours of work this week. :0/ but it's for my health. Anyway thought I would let y'all know.

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I'm not dead

Hey... I know it has been a while on LJ, sorry had a lot going on. I am now married and will change my last name as soon as we get the damn license back. So instead of having a last name that looks like a sentence I will have a last name that will look like one simple word... And it's 4 letters too ;0). Anyway I'll try and be better about posting and reading especially now that I have the app for LJ.

Ta for now

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